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This listing is for the big tv and entertainment display wall unit.
Please kindly check with our showroom for stock availability before purchase.

Buy Now Price from $1699
Picture 1: style 838# $1999 W2900XD450XH2200MM
Picture 2: style 900# $2299 W3200XD400XH2250MM
Picture 3: style 803# $1899 W2800XD550XH2200MM
Picture 4: style 825# $1799 W2700XD500XH2200MM
Picture 5: style 801# $2199 W3200XD500XH2200MM
Picture 6: style 808# $2099 W3000XD515XH2250MM
Picture 7: style 829# $1699 W2300XD500XH2150MM
Picture 8: style 921# $1899 W2800XD450XH2200MM
Picture 9: style 923# $1699 W2430XD400XH2300MM
Picture 10: style 916# $1899 W2750XD420XH2300MM

Crafted for those wanting a stand-out feature display at home/work, our range of corner showcases, divider cabinets and TV wall display units come with standard toughened glass shelves and doors, built-in lighting ready to illuminate your glass-door cabinet and brighten up your collectibles.

Please note that the cabinet comes with light bulbs for decoration however, the light bulbs have no wiring attached.
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