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Function: Aromatherapy Lamp & Night Light
Control: Key Switch
Material : ABS & PP
Size :90*90*119mm
Volume :40ml
Service Time: Without Timing, 2.5hours (Full Loaded With Water)
Warranty: 1 year


Notice (please read carefully before using)
1. Please clean it regularly to keep the inside of the lamp clean. 
2. When the water is insufficient, the product will automatically stop working. 
3. Do not move the product when storing water, so as to prevent the product from tilting and leaking which can't be used normally. 
4. The amount of water added should be lower than the highest water level in the lamp body or the top plane of the red column, otherwise, the fog will no be produced normally.
5. It is recommended to add 3-5 drops of essential oil each time, not more than 10 drops, to avoid casing no fog or less fog. 
6. It is recommended to choose the water-soluble essential oil. 
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