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Refund, Exchange, and Change of Mind

Please choose your goods carefully as we will not refund or exchange your goods if you have changed your mind or the goods do not fit in your premises.

It is buyer’s responsibility to measure sizes accurately as no refund or exchange will be given if you have failed to do so.

Make sure you measure doorways, hallways and any openings where the furniture must pass through and make allowances for this when choosing your furniture. We are not obligated to refund or exchange your purchase if you have failed to measure correctly.

We will not attempt to deliver goods into your home if there is any possibility of damaging the goods by trying to fit them through doorways, hall ways other openings or over fences etc.

If for some reason we accept the cancellation of all undelivered goods, or the return of delivered goods (provided the goods are still in sealed/unopened with packaging in original condition and accompanied by a valid receipt) that are due to a change of mind by the purchaser, or any other reason due to no fault of us, we will charge a 15% as restocking and administration fee for said goods.

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