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The purchaser shall be responsible for the costs of transporting the goods unless otherwise agreed.

We will deliver the goods into your premises if it is safe to do so. Meaning, safe to transport the furniture without any chance of damaging it and safe for our delivery team to do so without injuring themselves.

Delivery of goods upstairs in any environment incurs an extra charge unless otherwise agreed.

The purchaser is responsible for informing the shop at the time of purchase if they want goods delivered upstairs or downstairs.

The purchaser is responsible for making measurements and allowances for items going up/down stairs.

There must be sufficient space to transport the goods up/down stairs, if at the time of delivery the delivery team decide not to deliver goods up/down stairs or anywhere requested by the purchaser that they deem to be unsafe or risk damage to the goods, they will leave the goods in agreed place and it will be the purchaser’s responsibility to transport goods from there themselves.

If at any time the goods need to be redelivered due to the purchaser not being present to receive the goods when we have organized an agreed time with them, the cost of redelivering the goods will be on the purchaser.


Payment (goods and delivery fee) is to be made in full at time of sales or prior to delivery date unless otherwise agreed.

Any cancelled orders that are accepted back will incur a 20% restocking fee.

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