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Belle style fabric headboard comes in single, king single, queen, king and super king size and is fully covered with the durable grey colour fabric.

It has plastic legs on the bottom to help it self standing and two screw slots to provide the provision for attaching it onto the NZ standard size bases

It is thoughtfully made with two long zips at the back of the headboard to covers the screw slots and hide the screw knobs away thus prevent the wall from being scratched by the screw knobs when putting the headboard against the wall.  

Headboard measurements

Single W1010XD100XH1170MM

King single W1170XD100XH1170MM

Double W1470XD100XH1170MM

Queen W1630XD100XH1170MM

King W1780XD100XH1170MM

Super king W1830XD100XH1170MM

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